Save up to 0.42% on contribution rate – Loans

If you have a mortgage-free 2% loan, you can save money with the Real Council model.

See examples of annual interest and contribution savings below:

You pay an increased contribution when you have the grace period. Up to 0.3625% or USD 3,625 per share. million in debt.
When you take your interest free with the E-Money model, you avoid this supplement and your contribution rate can be a maximum of 0.59% after Good Finance customers.

How can you save money?


The difference between the most expensive loan with repayment and repayment with the Real Council model can be up to 0.42% or USD 4,200 per annum. million in debt.

If it was at the same time a few years ago that you got your property assessed, the value may have increased, and then your loan-to-value ratio and thus the contribution rate will fall further.

How do we do?

How do we do?

You need to convert your current loan into a new 2% loan in Good Finance and use the Real Council model for your repayment.
A loan restructuring will usually involve large costs, but E-Money has negotiated the costs completely so that there is a fixed price of USD 5,270.
In the calculations, we used a price cut of 0.05 on payment of the new loan and repayment of your current loan.
E-Money mediates bond trading directly on the stock exchange via a stockbroker.

We therefore live up to the rules on best execution, which is the consumer protection that politicians want, but which consumers do not get when the credit unions themselves settle loans.
The bank makes a mortgage loan that can finance the repayments for up to 5 years.
The bank must have security in a mortgage deed in the property, so if you do not have an existing mortgage deed to use, a new one must be made.

Extra benefits with the Real Council model


In addition to cheaper repayments, the E-Money model also offers flexible repayments. You can choose to pay off your debt partially without any extra fees and without any notifications.

If your current mortgage is based on 2050 bonds, you can also reduce your debt. The current price difference is 1.25 points.
If your current debt is USD 3,000,000, you can reduce the mortgage loan by USD 33,000.

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