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Loan and Credit is probably one of the longest-lasting loan companies. It has been on the market for a relatively long time, and additionally does not leave the first positions in the quick loan rankings.

It started its activity in 2008 in Latvia and every year it expanded its activities to almost all of Europe. It thrives in Denmark, Lithuania, Finland and Sweden. From October 2012, she made her home in Poland. This is a very dynamically developing company. It boasts a million customer base.

The loans he grants reach many millions per month

The loans he grants reach many millions per month

These are the effects of aggressive marketing conducted by Loan and Credit , the proposed conditions and, most importantly, the implementation of these conditions in life has made it become the most generous financial institution. Its owner is the company Good Finance Group, which is thriving on the market of 13 countries.

It has already granted several million loans. This company has many years of experience in providing quick loans or even payday loans. Thanks to this, it still meets the needs of customers by facilitating the operation of its products. Taking a loan from Loan and Credit is simple, even intuitive, and very quickly the money goes to our account. Certainly even people who do not navigate the internet efficiently could handle the website.

This is a company that has been on our market for many years. A large, thriving company that deals with loans, and its leading product is quick loan. How do they stay at the forefront of loan companies? Certainly, this is due to the rather aggressive marketing strategy. He spends a lot of money on advertising, but the best relay is satisfied customers (so-called word of mouth).

Customers pay special attention to the simplicity of the solutions used on the website. They also appreciate the rate of granting loans and making funds available to the client’s account. The company is very popular, it has not been out of the first rankings of the best loan companies for a long time. She received the Loan Magazine Awards for the micro loan of the year, the second prize of the same magazine for the brand of the year.

Not only enjoys a huge number of satisfied customers – because their number is already 1 million, but also the mass of entrepreneurs are trying to obtain even a small part of the shares. The amount the company has allocated and transferred as a loan – be it payday payday with a 30-day repayment period or another installment loan – is already USD 80 million a month.

What attracts customers and what deter them?

What attracts customers and what deter them?

Certainly, most customers have been attracted by the offer of a free first loan, the amount of such is quite impressive, as it is even USD 3,000, we can borrow up to USD 7,500. The company also offers various types of promotions, e.g. for recommending a friend who will take advantage of the loan offer, we can get USD 30.

The company also proposes a possible extension of the repayment period in case of temporary problems with financial liquidity – these periods are 7, 14 or 30 days. The only – which may raise objections is too thorough assessment of credit history, and this maximum loan of USD 7,500 is available to customers only with the fifth loan in turn.

A proposal from Loan and Credit

Loan and Credit actually has probably the most interesting loan offer. The proposal is interesting, after which the conditions are so attractive that they act on the customer like flypaper. It could be supposed that the company adds to this interest, just to attract and retain customers. Free payday pay is a great solution in many stalemate situations. Sometimes we are stuck to the wall and there is no way out, you have to pay off your credit card, top up your account limit, and the temporary lack of financial liquidity prevents us from such moves.

Then free payday pay may be the only reasonable solution. It will not generate additional costs for us, such as an unpaid account limit or a credit card. But keep in mind that there will be no additional costs if we repay the loan within the specified period, because unfortunately we will have to pay for the extension of the repayment period.

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