Do you know that you can save taking care of the environment?

Are you aware of the fight against climate change? Would you like to save money? If you have answered with a resounding ‘yes’ to the two questions, do not lose detail of what we will explain below. Caring for the environment while improving your economy is fully compatible . And a very healthy practice.

Not only will you save money by following the simple tricks we propose, but you will make the world that we share a much more pleasant place. WHO warns us that pollution has a negative impact on human health, disrupts ecosystems and increases extreme weather events .

Consequences of climate change


Governments have begun to promote sustainable policies and have passed legislative changes to combat climate change. Citizens are also increasingly aware of environmental policies.

Greenpeace details in one of its latest reports that some of the impacts of climate change are already noticeable:

  • The global temperature increase in 2016 was 1.1 degrees, the largest in the history of mankind.
  • The rise in sea level .
  • The progressive melting of glacier masses .
  • The World Bank estimates the losses caused by extreme natural disasters in the last four decades at 3.8 billion dollars .
  • The WHO estimates that air pollution caused the death of about 4 million people under 60 .

With this data on the table, it is important that each of us contribute his grain of sand to take care of the environment. Every little gesture to protect the environment will make a difference to preserve something that belongs to everyone .

Improve the environment by reducing energy consumption


Let’s start with the simplest: turn off the lights every time you leave a room . Banish the phrase “I’ll be back in two minutes”, because it’s always used to be much longer, and in the meantime the counter keeps running and your bill is getting fatter.

If you are one of those who still use conventional bulbs, we recommend that you switch to LEDs as soon as possible. The electrical consumption of an LED lamp is 2.5 times lower than that of a low consumption bulb and its useful life exceeds 50,000 hours. Your electric bill will be reduced, you will save money and take care of the planet.

Control your thermostat . The interior temperature of your home should be between 20-21 degrees during the day and can go down to 17º at night. Avoid setting the air conditioner at 18º in summer and heating at 30º in winter with the intention of cooling or heating the room quickly. It is true that you will get it, but at what price?

Sign up for recycling


Recycling is available to everyone and is an effective way to reduce the high name of waste we generate daily. It costs nothing to separate the plastic, paper, glass and organic and deposit it in their respective containers so that they are treated correctly. We will reduce the production of plastics and felling trees in order to improve the quality of the environment.

This is the traditional sense of recycling, but we suggest you recycle everything you no longer need in the second-hand market. How many clothes do you no longer wear and are like the first day? Do you have any bike collecting dust? Did you change your TV and don’t know what to do with the old one? Surely there is someone who will take advantage of it!

There are conventional second-hand stores, as well as a large number of apps dedicated to buying and selling between individuals . It is a good way to buy what you were looking for and get it for a cheaper price.



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