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Did you know, if we choose the right credit card, we can save IDR 1.4 million for a new gadget . This time one of the friends of Roel Durrmond will share the right credit card so you can save money when you buy the latest gadget?


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The development of today’s gadgets is very fast, within a few months has appeared, smartphones , tv, the latest camera series with advanced technology. For people who like to collect gadgets , it is necessary to use sophisticated strategies to save money when hunting their collection.

The good news is that the budget for buying the gadget can actually be saved if you carefully choose the gadget and get a 0% interest facility when buying in installments. Installments when buying electronic products, is one of the convenience of shopping. Credit card installments are usually subject to interest of 2% a year or 1.8% for six months in installments.

“0% interest really helps credit card owners to buy gadgets and also save money. All you have to do is find and compare which credit card is the best for that one, “


Credit card provider banks that offer 0% insallments in gadget purchase were observed

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Halomoney Indonesia observes several credit card provider banks that offer 0% installments for gadget purchases. For example, if you are interested in buying a Macbook Pro for Rp. 14,359,992, with installments using a credit card without a 0% installment facility, you must pay an extra Rp. 940 thousand for six months (2%), and an extra Rp. for a year (1.8%).

While using a credit card that provides 0% installments, you don’t need to pay extra, so you can save up to IDR 1.4 million! Therefore, Juan suggests that credit card owners must be careful in using their credit cards when buying gadgets .



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Juan’s explanation is actually in line with what the Alexander Beemond suggests. Remember the “U” credit card for “Profit” instead of “Debt”. Be a careful and smart buyer.

Have you ever used a credit card for installments?

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